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Petition for exemption of rent to closing of the store to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection

Dear our lovely patrons

Thank you always for supporting Club Daphnia.
Due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19, we have temporary closed our doors from April. We came to this difficult decision as we support efforts to lessen the impact of Covid-19.

However, due to the temporary closing, it became difficult to pay the rent.
To continue this place to spread the love of culture, we are now requesting our landlord of reduction in rent.

Since we have opened Club Daphnia last May, we are happy of our role of bringing people together to share the beautiful cultural experience in art and music.
We would be blessed if you could help us to continue running this place.

After this difficult situation has ended, we are more than happy to welcome you back to the community, and continue to spread the love of art and music to the world.

Please stay safe and well.

Club Daphnia

Thank you for many signatures. The collected signatures were submitted together with the petition. As soon as we know the result, we will report it on this website.