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Club Daphnia is currently closed because of the measurements against the Corona virus spread.

To maintain him alive, we asked a rent exemption from the company who’s owning our building.
This company support many cultural activities in Kitakagaya area, where we are located.
So one month ago, we had collect signatures from you to show to this company that we can have a real impact on the area and bring them more arguments in favour of our rent exemption.(Click here for details)

Unfortunately they answered that they can't exempt us because they also had been touch by the global Corona virus crisis.
However they accept to delay the payment of our rent between May and July till the end of this year.

When we started to collect signatures one month ago, the Japanese goverment didn't offer any support for our type of structure yet.
But fortunalety, things are changed and we are trying our best to get support from the government to keep Club Daphnia open.

Any helps, cooperation or support in regards of our current situation is welcome and will help us to keep our motivation at the top to successfully go through this situation !

And we really would appreciate it !
Thank you so much for your cooperation.
We are looking forward to see you soon !!

Club Daphnia
Ryosuke Kosaka, Tasuku Asahara